About Us


Zebra Connections is telephone answering and outsourcing company. Our client portfolio numbers some 700, right across the business spectrum – from plumbers and roofers to solicitors and surgeons. Our area of coverage is throughout UK, Ireland and beyond. We have clients across the globe including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, India and China. 80% of our clients are made up of small enterprises with 1 to 5 staff, often sole traders who are missing business opportunities by not being able to answer all their phone calls.
Grow by allowing us to take your calls while you concentrate on running and developing your business.

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Andy Fairweather from BRAND ASPECT


What Makes Us Different

Many of our clients have been with Zebra Connections for years, often increasing their turnover and profits without the necessity for employing staff and moving into new offices. The remaining 20% of our customer base comprises larger companies with several hundred or several thousand employees.These clients make use of our niche services, such as:

  • 24/7 Sickness Absence Reporting Lines
  • Overflow Virtual Switchboards
  • Out of Hours Cover
  • Supplier and Order Despatch Liaison Lines
  • Live Chat Support


All provided without being tied-in to a long contract.

We keep customers by providing excellent service, not by locking them in with lengthy notice periods.


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