Staff Absence Reporting


Managing staff absence, occurring either through sickness, family issues or a whole raft of other reasons is crucial to maintaining efficiency in any organisation.

Effective absence reporting, particularly in large organisations operating from dispersed sites, is vital to identify any potential HR issues at an early juncture.  Zebra Connections, working in conjunction with Opus Health Ltd, have developed an effective reporting system to assist in the reduction of absence and the significant costs and management time associated with it.

Its aim is to ensure absence reporting from the first day of absence leading to rapid employee support and advice to enable a speedy return to work.

Phone lines are staffed out of hours and on a 24/7 basis if necessary. The absentee will always get through to a live operator, who will take down the absentee’s details, the reason for their absence and  read out legal notices. All calls are recorded, and details logged on an Absence Management Report. The report is then circulated to line managers, appropriate staff and Occupational Health professionals.

Typically, large organisations experience 1%-2% staff absence record, and the simple requirement to call a live operator will help reduce this.  Staff who are only asked to leave a voicemail will often do so in the knowledge that it will probably not be listened to until some later, if at all.

Accuracy is vital in performing this function, and call logs and recordings are stored for a period of 3 months, or longer if necessary, to allow effective management and swift resolution of any likely disputes.

Key Benefits

  1. Out of hours absence reporting using a trained live operator.
  2. Compilation of an absence management report.
  3. Tailored approach to suit the organisation.
  4. All calls recorded.
  5. System managed in partnership with experienced Occupational Health professionals at Opus Health Ltd if required.