Ordering Over the Internet


However, if you operate an e-commerce website, you’ll know it isn’t always quite as simple as that. Especially if it’s a new site without an established reputation. Your prices might be the keenest in the market. Your products may have cutting edge technology. Your website could be glossier than a Sunday supplement. You might be offering a Groupon deal. But the consumer still needs reassurance that you can deliver.

So the consumer will want to talk to somebody, and that’s our business. We take calls for clients selling anything and everything over the net, providing the reassurance that only live operator can offer. Non-stop. Professionally, competently, efficiently and politely. For longstanding clients we’ve built up product knowledge. Using Zebra Connections is much like having your own staff. They just happen to be in our office instead of yours.

Reassurance. Sometimes that’s all that a potential customer wants. They might have seen something they want to buy on the internet but they just want to talk it over with somebody first. Or they might already have placed an order but they want to know when it will arrive.

The personal touch maybe all that’s needed to succeed in today’s faceless world of global 24/7 online trade. To the consumer, everybody can seem the same and the unique selling point has been lost amongst a world of choice. After all, anybody can set up a website selling tools, or kitchen appliances, or racing car memorabilia, or anything else.

The consumer knows this, and apart from the few that will always be drawn to the deal that’s too good to be true, consumers take precautions before they make a buying decisions.

At Zebra Connections, many of our clients operate e-commerce websites selling a wide range of goods and services. All the consumer has to do is tap in a few details, tick the items they want, enter some card details and that’s the order processed. Theoretically.