What is PCI DSS Compliance?


In short, it means taking care of your customers card details so criminal fraudsters can’t get hold of them. Not storing those card details and limiting the number of people who need to take them down reduces the possibility of fraud.

PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a global standard that use tight controls to govern the storage, transmission and processing of cardholder details by businesses. At the very least, your business will have to complete a checklist annually or be subject to a surcharge, typically £30 a month. Furthermore, if your business doesn’t work towards achieving compliance then your merchant services provider  may fine your business and eventually terminate your card processing facility.

In addition, if your business has allowed customer card details to get into the hands of criminals, or other types of security breaches have occurred then your business might be subject to a forensic investigation. The costs of such an investigation can amount to thousands of pounds, and you will be held liable for these costs if a security breach is established, and you allowed that breach to occur. Perhaps bigger still, is the loss of your reputation, and this can’t be quantified.

The Solution

If you’re taking card details over the phone there is a solution. In conjunction with one of our partners, Zebra Connections, can now offer a highly flexible, highly reliable PCI-DSS compliant Interactive Voice Response ( IVR) platform, to ensure your customers’ data is 100 per cent secure. It’s fully automated payment collection system saving you time and money, so you can maximise your payment revenues 24/7.

It has been designed not only to provide an easy-to-use service for callers, but also to allow you complete flexibility and control over how it guides your customers through the payment process.

In its simplest form, the payment line can be up and running in no time. All you have to do is provide us with the details of your existing payment provider and merchant and choose what reference number (Client ID, Account no, Invoice no etc) callers should enter for your payment reconciliation process. Once we have an email address to forward transaction reports to, we will supply you with a number for your callers to dial.

If you’re looking for a solution tailored to match your requirements, there’s a whole host of features available to tap into. All are configurable via an easy-to-use web management portal, controlling how the service operates in real time.

Internet Shopping

Customisable Messages

We can personalise the service welcome message to include your company name and if required all of the standard audio files within the service can be recorded by your own or a professional voiceover artist and uploaded via the management portal.

Caller Identification and Validation

As standard we have included a complete range of typical identifications questions to ask callers in order to reconcile payment and new ones can be recorded and configured if required. What’s more, to further improve the integrity of the identification process, you can match IDs to a local lookup database which can also include a payment value. If your requirement is for internal use, for instance with field sales agents, then the caller validation can be done automatically by registering the caller’s number within the system. This guarantees the payment can be registered to the correct caller.

Payment Amounts

The PayTel service can also be used as a product order line, where the service number dialled defines the payment amount due. If however the payment amount due varies per caller, then you can configure a maximum and minimum payment amount and allow the caller to enter any value within the specified range. You can also set a suggested payment figure but give the caller the option to select a different amount, depending on the caller identification number stored in a local database.

Reporting & Transaction Receipts

Optional SMS receipts can be sent as part of the payment process to callers using mobiles, along with audio prompts stating a unique ID or the authorisation code. Real time reports can be both emailed or transmitted to your CRM via XML. Full historical reporting with complete transaction details complements real time reports, and can be downloaded into Excel and easily accessed by caller ID, value or number, all designed to streamline your operations.


Customer Assistance

If at any point the caller gets into difficulty using the service, or depending on the result of the transaction, they can select the option to speak with a live operator for further assistance.

How it Works – Try it on a Demo

The best way to experience the solution is to try it out for yourself. The call is free from a BT line, it should take no longer than two minutes and it’s a dummy transaction.
Call 0800 056 7217. You will be presented by a series of automated prompts to guide you through the process. Answer the questions by using the numbers on your telephone keypad:

When asked for the amount > Enter a value 2999 followed by #
When asked for the card number > Enter 5100 0800 0000 0000 followed by #
When asked for the expiry date > Enter 1015 followed by #
When asked for security code > Enter 123 followed by #

The system will ask you to confirm the transaction: press 1 to continue and after a short delay you will be supplied with a unique transaction identification, you can then hang-up.

For further information please contact us today on 01279 632300 and ask for Alan or email alan@zebraconnections.co.uk