credit control

Credit Control

Effective credit control is vital for any business. We have acquired considerable expertise in this crucial function.

credit control

Failure to adopt and consistently follow credit control procedures can be ruinous. Factoring is impersonal and can seriously weaken customer relationships. Bank loans, if they can be obtained at all, come with hefty fees and unwanted interference. Short term credit, often using directors’ personal credit cards, is expensive.

Zebra have developed a proven system that results in collection of invoiced payments in a timely manner without alienating your customers or risking repeat business. Calls are made in your company name as an extension of business. In short, outsourcing credit control to Zebra is as seamless as asking us to answer your telephone.

Invoices need paying on time to maintain good cashflow. Credit control requires tact, consistency and adherence to an established proven process.

There are lots of reasons to outsource credit control:

1. You don’t have time to do it.

2. Your credit control department may be short-staffed due to sickness or holidays.

3. The staff allocated for this task may not be suitable.

4. You might be more interested in going for growth than chasing your debtors.

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