Enquiry Response


Email Reply Service

Besides providing Telephone Answering, Zebra Connections also offers an Email Reply Service. Email enquiries can be responded to using your email address, whether it be enquiries@ or another generic address. A white-labelled account can be quickly and easily set up so that you no longer miss out on any new enquiries or fail to respond to queries from existing customers.

Website Enquiry Response

You may already have an online enquiry form for your visitors to complete, although there may be occasions where you can’t answer all of them in time. Time is of the essence in the sales process and it’s important to respond to enquiries you receive as soon as possible, if only to advise your caller that their enquiry is being dealt with. Of course, you could always set up an auto response to deal with this, but web visitors have become so accustomed to these that have become almost valueless. Consumers and customers hope and expect to receive a prompt personal response. Otherwise, the likelihood is that they will simply go elsewhere.