Q What can you do for my business?

A. There are plenty of things we can and will do, for example:
1. We will ensure you don’t miss any more calls and the business opportunities that come with them.
2. We will allow you to concentrate on running and growing your business without being distracted.
3. We will save you having to employ staff until they’re needed.
4. We will carry out other functions that can be done remotely, such as liaising with your customers, your suppliers, or your patients.
5. We will make you look bigger than you are.
6. We provide a dedicated PA who will handle your calls as if she was in your office, answering them in your company name and with a commitment to your customers. Most of your callers will never know you’re using us.


Q How will you send my messages?

A. Messages can be sent to you by email and/or SMS or by fax. Or you can ring in to collect them if you prefer. All at no extra charge.


Q Can you do other things, like transfer calls, manage diaries, etc?

A. Yes, we can do all these things and more.


Q How quickly do you answer a call?

A. 98% of calls are answered in 3 rings and 95% within 2 rings.


Q What hours do you operate?

A. Our core hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday but we can provide 24/7 service if you require.


Q Will you provide me with my own dedicated telephone number?

A. Yes. You will be allocated a unique telephone number which you can either divert your existing telephone line to or advertise as your number. You may choose any UK dialling code.


Q How do I divert my calls to Zebra Connections?

A. Most telephone service providers offer a “Call Divert” facility, with 3 options being available:
1. Divert all calls.
2. Divert if unanswered within a certain time period, usually 15 seconds, so you have an opportunity to answer it before it trips through to be answered by us. However, the caller may hang up before this can happen.
3. Divert if busy. This option can usually be run in tandem with option 2.


Q How will my PA know what to do with calls?

A. When your calls come into our office they will be answered by your PA in your company name. Your PA should be viewed as part of your team, a member of staff that just happens to be in this office instead of yours.


Q How can I contact my Zebra PA if I have query or I need to change the way my Zebra PA handles my calls?

1. You can email us at office@zebraconnections.co.uk but unlike some our rivals, we won’t compel you to only use this method should you ever want to discuss anything.

2. You can phone in at any time to speak your PA on your own allocated divert number..

3. You can reply to the text messages we send you but please put your name in the message.

4. If you have a twitter account and we’re following you then you can send us a direct message. Just let us know your twitter name! Our twitter name is @telephoneus


Q What if I no longer require the service and want to cancel?

A. The service operates on a simple rolling monthly contract, so should you wish to cancel, just give Zebra Connections at least 30 days notice prior to renewal by email.


Q If I cancel, can I continue to use the number you provided me with?

A. Yes. We can point the telephone number to another number you specify (landline or mobile for a small annual fee.)


Q Do you use remote workers or operators based overseas?

A. No. All our PA’s are based in a UK office just outside London. That way they can communicate with one another quickly and easily so as to provide our Business Class service. They can easily consult others within the team and be updated on any changes to call handling requirements.


Q What type of lines do you use? Are they VOIP?

A. We only use ISDN lines in order to ensure consistency of quality and reliability.


Q How quickly can I get set up?

A. Usually the very same day! But the more information and notice we have then the more effective the service we can provide you with.