Landline to Mobile

Landline to Mobile Business Number for Mobiles with Call Recording


22 good reasons for having a landline to mobile number from Zebra Connections.

1. Customers prefer to call businesses that advertise a landline number.

2. No more hefty bills from BT for having a fixed landline.

3. No more BT call diversion costs for routing your old landline to your mobile.

4. No commitment to long-term fixed contracts.

5. Choose from 3 month, 6 month,12 month or 24 month contracts.

6. Have as many 01 or 02 landline numbers as you want, all routing to your mobile, thus increasing your “local” area.

7. Take calls on your new “landline” number no matter where you are.

8. Routed to any mobile phone or existing landline number. No further need for a normal fixed phone.

9. All calls can be automatically recorded* and emailed to you. No more having to find a pen & paper to write down a message. No having to remember to press # halfway through to record the call.

10. Keep your existing mobile number and continue to use it as you did before.

11. Whisper alert advises you that the landline number has been called. Or which one they’ve rung if you have more than one.

12. All voicemails can be emailed to you as a MP3 file.

13. Optional introductory announcement for your callers. Either recorded by you or a professional voiceover artist. Great for marketing messages or letting the caller know they’re being recorded.

14. Office based impression without the cost of a real office.

15. Advertise your new landline number on your business card, leaflets, and on the web.

16. Have your number programmed to ring different numbers at different times of day. A “one-to-many” service.

17. Optional greeting played to both parties after any call whisper announcement.

18. Transfer your call to another number if you need to just like on an office phone system.

19. Get missed call alerts emailed straight to you along with the caller’s number.

20. Have your new landline number ring up to 9 different mobile numbers in turn.

21. Use an option to reject calls received.

22. Create two different voicemail messages depending on whether the call is received
out of hours or you’ve not been able to answer the call.

Record every call!*

Our mobile landline numbers also allow you to have every call recorded and emailed to you after the conversation is finished. You’ll no longer have to worry about finding a pen and paper if you’re on the move or trying to remember exactly what was said. If your business is regulated then it’s vital for compliance purposes. Included in both
our Business and Corporate Tariffs.

Are you diverting your landline to your mobile? Would you like a mobile landline number for your business?


Why not use a landline number instead of an 07 number for your mobile? Give
your callers a professional impression. 77% of callers agree that a business that advertises a landline number is likely to be more trustworthy.

Now you can have a landline number on your mobile phone from just £5.00 + VAT per month!

Advertise a local 01 or 02 number without hefty BT line rental fees and call diversion costs that normally go with landlines. Transfer your existing landline onto one of our tariffs or let us provide you with a new number.

Save a fortune!

If you’re a small business operating from home that has to have a separate line.
If your landline is always diverted to your mobile.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business we can provide you with a landline number with an STD area code for anywhere in the UK for your mobile phone. International and non-geographic numbers also available.

So you can have any landline number that will ring your mobile without any delay, BT call diversion costs or line rental. Landline numbers give the impression of permanency and customers will often decide to ring you on the basis that you advertise one.

You might be missing business if you only advertise a mobile number.

Call charges just 9p a minute + VAT to UK mobiles.

How to get your new landline number on your mobile phone

1. Call us on 0800 046 7193

2. Choose the STD code for your new number

3. Tell us where you would like it routed

4. Choose your tariff

5. Advertise your new mobile landline number to your customers

6. Wait for it to ring!

And if you can’t answer all your new calls then we can answer them for you!


Do you already have a landline with BT which costs you a lot of money in line rental? Then transfer your number to us and save yourself over £140 a year. Click here to find out more.


Need an 0800 number? Now available at £5 a month with minutes billed at just 10p when routed to a mobile.


Want to know how much it really costs to call 01/02, 03, 08 “standard rate” and 09 “premium” numbers? Click here for the Ofcom guide!



All prices are plus VAT












* Under the Telecommunications Act 1984, and regulations made under it by OFTEL and the BIS, businesses can only record conversations for specific purposes. The Regulation of Investigative Powers 2000 (RIPA) only permits a company to record conversations in order to:

Establish facts,
Ensure regulatory compliance, and/or,
Demonstrate standards that are achieved or need to be achieved by training.
Any recordings that are stored must be relevant to the business and used for that business alone. In the context of phone conversations all reasonable efforts must be made to inform the caller that their call is being recorded. Our phone numbers allow announcements to placed on the line so as to comply with RIPA.