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Make your website make more sales.

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All on a range of affordable tariffs.
1. Chat and Go

Entry-level tariff ideal for start-ups and home-based sole web traders. Start converting those site visits into sales!

£75 a month includes:

100 standard customer service response and lead capture minutes, or 75 technical support minutes Additional minutes. Standard 70p. Technical Support £1.00

2. Chat Up

Suitable for more established businesses. Find new customers from amongst visitors to your website and improve customer service levels for existing clients.

£150 a month includes:

250 standard customer service response and lead capture Additional minutes. Standard 65p. Technical Support 95p.

3. Chat Away

Perfect for your growing enterprise. Let us help you handle the demand for your

services and products while you manage your business development.

£250 a month includes:

500 standard customer service response and lead capture minutes, or 350 technical support minutes Additional minutes. Standard 60p. Technical Support 90p.

4. Chat Professional

Take care of new and existing customers without watching the clock. Offer the same personalised service that your smaller rivals are using to compete with you.

£400 a month includes:

850 standard customer service response and lead capture minutes, or 600 technical support minutes

Additional minutes. Standard 55p. Technical Support 85p

5. Chat To Suit

Does your business fall outside the normal categories? Is yours a public sector organisation? Is your service in a niche with very high or low volumes? Are you looking for dedicated seats? Is your need for chats to be multi-lingual or in languages other than English? Then chat with us live, call us on 0800 046 7193 and ask for Alan or Kaye.

Set Up and Training Fees may apply dependent upon the nature of live chat support requested. The prices quoted are for 09:00 to 17:00 UK time. Contact us for prices outside these hours.

1. Lead Capture
2. Real Time Live Chat Response
3. Technical Support






Live Chat Increases Sales.


1. By reassuring your web visitors that you’re a bona fide business with a genuine commitment to looking after your customers. Many websites are simply e-commerce sites, which although professionally designed, do not show any contact information such as a phone number or email address.


2. Displaying live chat will demonstrate that there are real people behind the business

who want to help their customers, and it’s not just an automated site.


3. Simply offering web visitors the chance to chat increases their confidence in your business and will lead to more sales. Live chat is protected by SSL and is therefore a far more secure method of communication than email.


4. Interacting with visitors to your website offers a greater chance to close the sale
5. Live chat gives you the opportunity to take the initiative and invite visitors to chat if they land on specific pages or are moving around the site trying to find what they’re looking for.


6. It’s a means of a capturing all the information you need to keep in touch with your customer.

Live Chat Enhances Customer Experience.


1. It increases the opportunity for personal interaction with visitors to your website. These visitors have all just walked into your shop or office and live chat is a chance for you to talk to them.



2. It’s another way for those interested in your services or products to contact you.



3. Live chat provides a method for website visitors to have any queries or questions answered straightaway.



4. Even if your website is on the other side of the world, live chat is a convenient, free and immediate way for a potential customer to ask a question.