Number Porting – Save on BT Line Rental Costs

Do you have an existing telephone number with another provider, such as BT or Virgin? If so, how much is your line rental?

You can now significantly reduce your line rental costs by transferring or “porting” your current telephone number onto our virtual platform.

Once the number is ported you will be able:

  1. To have the number routed wherever you wish, including to mobiles at just 9p a minute.
  2. To take advantage of all the advanced features that our Landline to Mobile numbers offer, such as call recording and call whisper.
  3. To keep and use your existing number wherever you happen to be. You don’t have to be within the same BT exchange area.
  4. To benefit from the same high call quality as a conventional landline. The number does not become a “VOIP” number.
  5. To substantially reduce your line rental costs.

Number porting is usually straightforward, relatively quick, and seamless. Once the port has taken place the line rental charges will usually fall to only £5 a month, which represents a considerable saving on the BT line rental charge of £16.99 a month to be levied from December 2014. A small one-off charge of £25 will easily be paid for out of the savings made in the first 3 months.

We will carry out all the administration and paperwork for you. All we need is a bill from your current provider and a signature to say you would like to transfer your number. We can port both non-geographic and geographic numbers from most network operators including; BT, Colt, Virgin, TalkTalk, Verizon, Gamma and Daisy.

If you do decide to switch your existing landline number away from your current provider you can be assured that you will not suffer any loss of quality as your calls will be routed through either KCOM or Vodafone, both of whom are Tier 1 Network Operators.


Call us today on 0800 046 7193 and ask for Alan or Kaye or email if you are interested in saving money on your line rental costs.


Please be aware that should need your existing line for other services such making outbound calls or broadband internet, thennumber porting may not be suitable for you. We cannot guarantee to port any number.

The Communications Act 2003 obliges operators to allow subscribers to change provider whilst keeping their existing telephone number. The intention behind the Act is to increase competition and allow greater choice for end users and consumers, without being constrained by the hassle and costs of having to change their telephone number. This subject to a porting agreement being in place between the operators. See

All prices quoted are plus VAT