Zebra Telemarketing

Outbound B2B telemarketing services


Our permanent team of telemarketers
remain with our clients to ensure a high level of service and the continuity of support at the highest possible standards.

Some of the benefits of telemarketing include:

1. We can generate and manage more sales leads

2. We can build and maintain your database

3. Our experience means we can fully research your competition,

4.Then deliver your sales message in a way that is proven to increase sales and revenue.

With commercial experience, our telemarketing team are all fully trained and qualified. The loyal team are ready to bring fantastic profitable results that are invaluable to small, medium and large organisations.

Telemarketing is an important route-to-market for generating more business, and we can help place you in front of key decision makers.


Telemarketing can yield profitable long-term results.

We will work with you to assist in important decision making, and will regularly review operations to ensure we are working hard to achieve the best results for the business and for your clients.

We have unique business to business solutions. Our expert team can arrange tailored options that save you space, as well as saving you the time and expense
associated with staffing and equipment.

We offer:

1.A Non-scripted Approach

2.Flexible and Tailored Service

3. Fixed Costs

4. A Dedicated Team of in-house Telemarketers