Ivan Newman

Living Inside the Brand

Alan and his team have always provided a very professional service. It is imperative that the front end of my business reflects a high quality Brand. After all, that’s what I offer to my clients. Numerous callers have told me how impressed they have been with the way their enquiry was handled. The team also handle my overseas travel well and make adjustments to suit my working needs. Although other companies have offered deals I have continued to use Zebra – when the quality is right, the price is irrelevant. I have no hesitation in recommending Zebra.
Tim Waterman

Leathermaster Mail Order

I have been using your services since March 2003, I have found them to be very efficient and professional and above all extremely helpful. Unfortunately, because of the economic climate I took measures to reduce costs, one of which was switch to a cheaper answering service. This decision turned out to be the wrong decision. I received several complaints from customers for reasons ranging from not answering the telephone to generally being unhelpful. At one time I had customers chasing up orders of which I knew nothing about. I have no doubt this cost cutting exercise actually resulted in the business losing valuable sales. This goes to prove the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’.
Audrey Doyle

Feet First

I have just come from visiting a very old loyal client of mine who has asked me to convey her compliments to Linda who took her phone call this week on my behalf. My client commented on how helpful, professional she was and what a warm telephone manner she had.
Dave Morgan

Sure Communication (sur.co.uk) Ltd

July 2011

Dave Morgan

We have used the services of Alan and his team at Zebra Connections for many years, as well as working together on projects to benefit both companies. Being personable, supportive and extremely professional Alan and his colleagues are highly recommended.
Janine Carhart

Barriers Direct

Utilising the professional services of the Zebra Connections team has helped both in the sustainability and expansion of Barriers Direct. Their friendly efficient service gives our customers and our own staff compete confidence that they are dealing with us direct. We live or die by our customer service levels, and our ability to respond accurately and quickly to enquiries; and the Zebra Connections team certainly does not fail to deliver in these aspects.Delivering campaigns that are fully staffed up is no longer a problem. Calls are not missed, and all urgent contacts are forwarded directly.The Zebra Connections team have always shown willingness to go and adapt with our business, nothing is out of the question for discussion.But above all their friendly efficient service has delivered on service price, and has enabled us to both expand and ride successfully through the crunch.
Paul Howes

IT Authority

August 2011

Paul Howes

Zebra Connections has been providing us with a professional answering service for a number of years. We moved to them from a poorly performing answering service provider and found their approach to be highly professional and fast to react to our changing needs.
I am currently the only sales person within our organisation and as such spend much of my time out of the office. Therefore Zebra’s service is invaluable to me. Their team is many clients’ first impressions of ITAuthority. It is vital they respond correctly and professional which they do every time the phone rings.
I am delighted with Zebra Connection’s service level and they has always listened to my needs, made suggestions and carried our instructions promptly and efficiently.
If you need an answering service you can’t go wrong with Alan’s company but he will tell you he can do far more than just answer calls.
Ben Hollingsworth


Zebra have been there to support IDT from day one – we simply would not have grown from a one-man-band to a £3m+ company without their professionalism and reliability. Thanks!
Gary O’Donnell

Hot Mash

“I have had a few people recently comment on how nice and professional our receptionist is. One who recently visited us was expecting to walk into a big bustling office, which is exactly the impression I want to give, so please pass on my thanks to the girls for the great work.”
Cheryl Penry

Director – Will & Probate Co. Ltd.

“For a number of years, Kaye and her fabulous team have helped us handle our client calls in a very efficient and professional way. Zebra Connections have definitely become an integral part of our daily business operations and I would not hesitate in recommending them. Thanks Kaye!”
A Virtual Assistant

October 2014


Firstly thank you…from the research I’ve done I do know that you offer a service that is different to the other services out there. A Pay As You Go rival of yours is a VERY basic service.  In fact they take just 40 characters of information about the companies they represent. Shockingly a “leading provider of telephone answering services” who are substantially more expensive than their competitors also only act as a human answerphone.  They told me recently that they only pose as reception and that they can’t give out any company information such as prices, products etc. Zebra is so much more than an answering service.
Dan Woodruff

Woodruff Financial Planning

October 2007

Dan Woodruff


I have used Alan’s company for some time now. I can honestly say that his staff provide an excellent service. They operate to strict service standards so that whenever I divert my phone to their centre clients do not even realise that they are speaking to someone outside of my organisation. The service is flexible enough to take into account my various requests, and what’s more they even manage to filter out those pesky cold callers!If you are a small business and don’t have someone to answer your phones full time, then this is a cost effective solution.
Debbie Reynolds


July 2009

Debbie Reynolds


TeamHR have used Alan’s company for some years now. They provide an excellent service. They operate to strict service standards so that whenever we divert our telephones to their centre our clients do not even realise that they are speaking to someone outside of our organisation. The service is flexible enough to take into account our various requests, and what’s more they do all they can to filter out cold callers! If you are a small business, particularly one where your key players are frequently out of the office, this is a very cost effective solution.
William Cushway

Ad-On Waste

July 2010

William Cushway


Alan delivers exactly what he says he will. A case of ‘it does what it says on the tin’, his co-workers are professional and provide a great front office for any organisation. I am delighted to recommend Alan and Zebra Connections.
Terry Carney

Sales Remedy

July 2011

Terry Carney



Alan’s company Zebra Connections have provided our telephone answering service for sometime now. We have found his team to be highly professional and the service they provide essential to our business. Alan is highly professional and personable, I would recommend both Alan and his company’s services without hesitation.
Colin Lott

Driver Instructor Training Academy

July 2011

Colin Lott


Zebra Connections is a very professional company, handling all incoming calls, faxes and much more.
With Alan Hopgood at the helm, you know that any problems which may occur will be dealt with quickly and professionally.
Kimberley Mangelshot


July 2011

Kimberley Mangelshot

eKuiLibriuM personal training employ the services of Zebra Connections to handle all our incoming calls for us. We, as a business, are client facing during office hours and were aware that we had been potentially losing enquiries when the answerphone clicked in. Since having Zebra Connections as part of our team, we know that we always get the chance to speak to a potential client who has called in. They are re-assured that we will return their call, and are happy to wait and chat with us. The Zebra Connections team answer our calls as if they were one of us and have been given a sufficient brief to answer basic questions from incoming calls. They also field out and dump cold sales calls, calls that we would not want to be dealing with, and best of all there isn’t a charge for this. Since moving premises in 2008 we also used a virtual number for our calls, provided by Zebra Connections and eliminating a monthly cost for a phone line that was unnecessary. A great service for us, one we highly recommend.
Peter Hadley

PJ First Aid Training Ltd

August 2013

Peter Hadley


I first met Alan at a BNI meeting and after his talk was interested in what he said about his business Zebra Connections, as I was starting up my own training business I needed his expertise in taking calls whilst not in my office, his service was second to none, not just taking calls but placing bookings for me and more.True professionals.