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Allow a telephone answering service to relieve your stress

If you’ve been on social media or watched the news over the last week, it won’t have escaped your attention that World Mental Health Day took place on Saturday 10th October. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, William and Kate took part in events to highlight the problems of mental health illness over the weekend. Mental health illness is now thought to affect one in four people as work pressures and the stress of running a business becomes increasingly tough.


One way to relieve stress is the ability to switch off from work, safe in the knowledge that you are not missing out on work, new clients or letting down customers. If you spend a large amount of your day on the telephone, why not take on a telephone call answering service?


A telephone call answering service allows your business to remain open to customers, clients and suppliers while you enjoy some down time and reduces stress. It also means that you can focus on pressing tasks such as completing a project, writing reports or immediate tasks without stressful interruptions.


Having the time to focus and complete work without interruption improves productivity and quality of work. You can switch your phone to divert safe in the knowledge that calls will be handled by your dedicated call handler and customers and callers will receive a polite, personal telephone experience.


Extensive notes can be taken to provide you with the name, number and best time to return a call along with key information such as buying signals. What’s more, you can include diary management so meetings can be booked in and confirmed while you’re busy on other projects or taking some time to relax and regroup from the riggers of working life.


For more information about creating a bespoke call answering service for your business and additional ways that we can help you to reduce stress and focus on your productivity, please call Zebra Connections today on 0800 046 7193.

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