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Benefits of quality telephone answering service

Is your company’s voice shouting down your corporate brand?

Every time a customer interacts with your company, they are developing their opinion of your company’s brand. Your company brand is much more than a logo, shop sign or how your logo looks. The cleanliness of your premises, the mannerisms of your staff, the language in your website and emails, the posts on your Facebook page and the way in which telephone calls are handled all contribute to opinions about your company and therefore to your corporate brand.

One of the biggest make or break factors for your brand is the way in which telephone calls are answered for your business, yet your reputation is on the line before a greeting is exchanged. The length of time it takes to answer a call will already have an effect in the mind of your customers. Do you have a plan in place to ensure calls answered within a certain number of rings? Some companies that understand the importance of prompt telephone answering even make the issue part of their mission statement. If you can’t guarantee a call will be answered immediately, why not consider diverting calls to a manned call answering service.

When a call to your company is answered, it’s important for the call handler to be talk with a clear voice, be polite, efficient and helpful. They must be a good communicator and help the caller with any queries they may have. This means they must have the ability to understand your company, the products and services you offer and be able to answer questions about them. Ideally, sales training will help in securing business, being able to listen for buying signals and use sales skills to secure business will help grow your business.

Reputable call answering services such as Zebra Connections understand the importance of how calls are answered for your business. We ensure that we help create a positive brand image, making your company look smart, efficient and helpful, promoting good customer service and helping you win business. If you’re not available to answer calls, or feel that your company needs some help in showcasing your brand over the phone, we can provide dedicated call handlers to man your phones and help sell your business. Give us a call on 01279 279 746 today and see how we do business over the phone. You’ll be glad you made us the voice of your company.

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