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Call answering for 1950s housewife

Imagine if a call answering service was created for a 1950s housewife

Well why not? There is plenty of similarities between a British 1950s housewife and a modern day self employed professional trying to run a small business. Time and time again, we look back at the role of housewives in the 1950s and wonder how they coped. Having to feed and nourish a family with rationing limiting food resources, do all the housework, cleaning, tidying, washing, ironing, preparing food, daily trips to the shops and very few tools to assist them with any of it.

Now think of a small business owner, managing clients personally, planning and managing the services they provide, keeping the office tidy, collecting supplies, delivering services… there are many similarities. If you watched BBC’s ‘Back In Time For Dinner show you can see how the development of the kitchen refrigerator, food processor, whisk, easy can opener and increase in easy-preparation foods revolutionised the lives of women, allowing them to do more, work less and enjoy life.

A call handling service can do exactly the same for someone struggling to find the time to effectively manage and run their own business. What’s more, there are new services, easy accessibility and a plethora of things we can help with to reduce the amount of demand on your time and allow you to work more productively, enjoying the work you do whilst you grow your company.

We can take and field calls for you when you’re busy, taking messages and improving the brand experience received by callers. We can look after your diary management, booking in sales calls and letting people know when you’re free. With us taking calls, you can maximise your time and complete your tasks, safe in the knowledge that you’re not losing business or upsetting clients when they call and you’re not there to answer.

A call handling solution can revolutionise the way you work, why not give Zebra Connections a call now and let us know how we can help you improve your working life.


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