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Call Answering

Call handling and client chat is our top priority

Successful handling of telephone calls for our clients has to be the most important priority for any outsourced call handling company. Every time we manage a telephone call for a client, we take responsibility for that client’s relationship with their customer, representing their brand and taking a role in that customer’s relationship cycle. Do our job right and we can ensure a satisfied customer that recommends your business. If it is done wrong, it can damage your business.


Call handling companies are offering more and more services as technology development speeds up. Live chat is now common-place on websites and is something we can offer efficiently and immediately. This means customers can talk to someone on your behalf with the click of a button, asking questions they may have through your website. Zebra Connections can offer live chat as part of the service we offer you.


Some companies are also offering email management, video chat, social media and mobile app development. Whilst it is important to manage each of these areas, the skill sets from answering calls and customer inquiries online is a million miles from effective social media management and mobile app development. It’s a bit like a company that makes mobile phones offering to build you a phone network.


The best bet is to find expert companies for each of these areas. While both should be an important part of your marketing communications plan, finding an expert call handling company and separate expert social media management consultant or agency would be a better bet. My having two suppliers each offering specialisation, you won’t need to worry about a dilution of their ability to maintain service levels. Neither will you need to replace both should one service area fall below the standard you set. At Zebra Connections, we ensure that call handling and client chat is our top priority, every time.



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