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Call handling is an essential part of the SME marketing mix

Leading online small business website growthbusiness.co.uk have published a highly important article about why call handling should be treated as an essential part of the marketing mix.


Research shows that over 71% of consumers admit that they would consider a company to be ‘poorly run and managed’ as a result of unsatisfactory phone calls.


Outsourcing call management allows businesses to focus staff on their core duties and use their specialist skills effectively with minimised disruption, allowing business to work and grow more efficiently.


At the same time, call answering and call management has a direct effect on a company’s brand through customer contact and direct interaction over the phone. The article warns of the dangers of poor telephone manner, leaving customers or potential customers on hold and loss of business:


“How consumers view the capability and professionalism of a business, regardless of its size, can now be disproportionately damaged by unsatisfactory customer service calls, argues David Joseph, board executive at professional telephone answering service alldayPA.”


It goes on to say:


“The admin associated with managing a daily influx of calls often results in key members of staff being tied down, so outsourcing call answering or hiring capable professionals to answer your calls allows for these individuals to be freed up for higher value roles. “


Zebra Connections strongly believe in the arguments and examples highlighted in growthbusiness.co.uk’s article and recommend reading it in full to ensure your business has the best chance of improving efficiency whilst protecting and developing your brand.



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