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Ensuring best practice in call-handling performance

As a service that handles inbound telephone calls for our clients when they don’t have the time or the human resources to do so themselves, we find that by ensuring best practice every time we answer the phone to their customers, we play a role in improving the brand for them.

It’s important to remember that in effect, we are employed as part of the client’s customer facing team. That means we have a responsibility to treat every caller as our own customer, to give them respect, time, concern and assurance. Over time, this means call handlers build up rapport with regular callers and get to know clients well enough to field basic questions, in effect becoming a receptionist based in another office, but for a fraction of the cost to out client.

There are several sites on the internet that provide information about best practice in call handling performance and how to ensure you pick the right call handling partner for your business. The. call centre helper website recently published a great article offering ’10 tips to improve call-handling performance’. It has already been read more than 27,500 times.

There are many ways to improve call-handling performance, from better communication of the key messages clients want to get over to customers, which may be trying to get them to call inside regular working hours or inviting them to a face to face meeting where conversion rates from lead to sale is higher. They should be able to prioritise urgent calls on behalf of clients, recognising who needs a call back first. Providing insight into calls, such as buying signals and information about what individual callers want can also make a difference between returning a call and calling to confirm a new customer.


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