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Exceptional Telephone Answering Service


How to find an exceptional telephone answering service?


A Telephone Answering Service provides the peace of mind that all your calls will be answered – essentially no more missed calls.

But who will be answering your calls? This is the first area where quality matters.

An answering service is only as good as its operators or customer care representatives. The service personnel become directly accountable for communicating with your customers and can have a significant effect on your company track record and client fulfilment when you work with an answering service. While customer-friendly and well-informed personnel can improve client loyalty to your brand and increase profits, unprofessional agents can result in loss of client base and business track record. It is important to examine the performance of customer service agents prior to hiring an answering service. The following criteria have been developed to assist you in accomplishing this objective and help make every call an excellent one:-

Smiling Friendly Behaviour:

When customer support representatives smile during discussions with customers over the phone, their inflection and tone changes and becomes more inviting and friendly. This makes the callers feel at ease, and provides them the impression that they are valued and respected, which in turn, assists to construct commitment and track record in the market.

Paying attention to Customers:

Agents need to listen carefully to clients and pay attention to their demands. They should rarely ask for repetition of information as this can annoy the caller. Professional agents also let the consumers understand how diligently they have actually been paying attention to them, by repeating the main points to the caller.

Quality in Speech and Solution:

Agents must speak plainly and fluently, so that customers can comprehend what is being stated. Furthermore, they need to offer clear and unambiguous options to issues of the customers and not beat about the bush.

Professional Tone and Speech:

Answering service agents ought to always speak to consumers in a polite however expert way. Though it is necessary to make the customers feel at ease, too much informality in language can give a bad impression about your business to your customers.

Examining all Issues: Before ending the phone conversation, customer service representatives must cover all aspects of the customers’ query. Expert agents take down notes throughout the call to satisfy this demand. Crucial info should be repeated to enable consumers to understand it.

When you ask a call answering service to respond to all or a proportion of your calls, their operators become part of your team however you have no control over who they might be. Meet the CEO or a senior director. The care the answering service will give to your customers will quickly emerge.

To summarise, an answering service is only as good as its operators or client service representatives. When you hire an answering service, the service personnel end up being accountable for communicating with your customers and can have a significant effect on your company credibility and consumer fulfilment. It is important to examine the efficiency of customer service representatives prior to hiring an answering service.

Finally, there should be a Free Trial period. During that time you should test the service anonymously and also ask other members of your family and friends to do this for you.

At Zebra Connections, we pride ourselves on the quality and value we provide for our clients. We offer a Free Trial to reinforce our testimonials and provide a true reflection of the service quality that our 700 current clients enjoy.

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