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Flexibility is the key to business success in 2015

Flexibility is set to be one of the business buzzwords of 2015. Businesses that can be flexible in terms of providing exact needs of individual customers and be available at the time the customer calls them are going to steal a march on their competition. Zebra Connections can offer several solutions for companies that need to improve their flexibility.


With our call handling, answering services and diary management services, your clients will speak to a dedicated call handler working for you whenever they need to call. If you receive a business call when you’re in a meeting or outside of your business hours, you don’t have to miss the call, we’ll handle it for you.


With a dedicated call handler assigned to your company, they’ll be able to answer many questions on your behalf, build up a rapport with the caller and help maintain or grow that customer relationship, passing valuable customer information back to you in a way a recorded answerphone simply can’t achieve.


Call handling services and call centres are not simply a luxury afforded to large corporations. Our solutions are made for small businesses, independent traders and sole operators who need exactly the kind of flexibility we offer at Zebra Connections. Another worry is that to find a cost effective call handling solution, you need to find a company in the developing world. That’s not the case with Zebra Connections either. All of our call handling staff are trained and based in the UK, meaning there’s no danger of cultural differences or language barriers giving a negative impact – you can bank on that!


To find out more about how Zebra Connections can give your business flexibility and increase capacity at a cost that is more than affordable to your business, give us a call right now on 01279 279 746 and we’ll be happy to show you how we can talk to your customers.

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