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Focus on business growth by outsourcing the slow stuff

For a self-employed professional or small business, time is often the most precious resource. You need to spend it doing the core work that makes your business work and winning new business.


As part of our commitment to helping you achieve business growth, we understand the need to take calls and deliver a great experience to anyone that contacts you. When you’re in a sales meeting or seeing clients, we’re there to answer calls, book in meetings and take messages from callers. But there’s so much more a good call answering service can do.


One of our added value services is a credit control option that allows you to focus on winning business and delivering client satisfaction. If you spend time on credit control and chasing payment from customers, we can take that task from you.


There are multiple advantages of outsourcing credit control to your call handling outsource partner. We call on your behalf, using your company name and do so in a pleasant and constructive manner. This means that you don’t need to make potentially difficult or relationship-damaging calls yourself.


Ensuring a tight grip on credit control helps small business to avoid a potential cash-flow crisis, keeping payments coming in regularly and making sure you’re paid on time. You can focus on building your business rather than chasing payment for work you’ve already done, keeping you and your business moving forwards.


Because this is a service we specialise in, our team are experienced in chasing payments and reporting when payments are to be made. We’ll provide full reports on calls made and keep you on top of your payment information.


For more information about Zebra Connections Credit Control services, please visit our dedicated credit control page here.


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