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Call Answering

Great blog article in the Wall Street Journal

A great blog article in the Wall Street Journal has set out exactly why your small business still needs a telephone answering service in a world of email and modern technology. Richard Duncan rightly points out:

“With modern-day technology, people expect quick responses to their emails and phone calls. This means that small businesses, all too often, are forced to rely on themselves to answer each and every call, in addition to everything else they need to do to keep their businesses operating smoothly.

This puts stress on small-business owners and employees, as they feel like they are on the job 24-seven with no balance of work and life.

Since our cellphones typically travel home with us at the end of the day and on weekends, life tends to revolve around work and work becomes small-business owners’ lives.“

If you’re a small business owner and find it hard to switch off from work, or that work calls interrupt your relaxation, family or social time, a call handling or call answering service is the answer to your situation.

A call answering service such as the one we offer at Zebra Communications allows you to relax and put work down, without worrying that clients, suppliers and potential new customers won’t be putting the phone down and calling a competitor. Our call handling service provides every client with a dedicated call handler that gets to know your business and becomes an extension of your team. It means basic information request can be met satisfactorily, sales meetings can be booked in and a personalised message can be taken along with additional client information and buying signals. So when you get the message, you’re armed with the facts to win more business. Telephone answering services can help your business when you’re busy, but they can also help when you’re not – relaxation can be made much better if you have a telephone call answering service you trust.



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