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Human Answerphone

More than a human answerphone.

Do you worry about missing out on new clients or repeat business when you attend business meetings? It’s always a concern for people running their own business without staff, or at times when a receptionist is busy on another call or task.

Having a dedicated human answering service that can do so much more will provide added value to your company and give an infinitely more personal impression to your customers and new leads.

It is well documented that people buy people; meaning that talking to someone who represents your company and can initiate a rapport with the caller will increase the chances of you winning their business. A dedicated call handler will pass on information such as the best time to talk to them, what they’re looking for and telling them what your company can offer. When you return their call, they wont need to repeat information and it show’s you’re a listening company. If you business misses out on clients because it can only take answerphone messages, would you not benefit from offering this service?

Imagine coming back to the office to find an appointment with a potential new client booked in for later that afternoon instead of a phone number that you call, only to be told that they’ve found a competitor and given them the business you could have had.

There is a business solution that provides this service simply and effectively without the stress of interviewing candidates, paying national insurance or employment contracts. All that is taken care of by Zebra Connections.  We simply and effectively manage your calls, book appointments and build business relationships for you when you’re not there to answer your phone.

So if you need more than a human answerphone, why not give us a call today and let us know how we can help improve your business?

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