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Live Chat – Catch a Client

Catch a client that doesn’t plan to get caught

We’ve all done it, checking out something we want online when we’re supposed to be working. We know we should be concentrating on the tasks at hand, but there’s that perfect light for the living room, or the gorgeous vase that would look fabulous on the dining room table and you cant help yourself from checking on Amazon.com to see if you can get a few extra pounds off the High Street price.

Sometimes, we’re trying to find out something we can’t get information about from the website page. There’s a phone number, it would be easy to call but you can’t step away from your desk. Maybe you’re thinking about a loft conversion and you want to book a meeting with a company you’ve been recommended. You note down the number from the website, but you don’t finish work until after they’ve closed. Or maybe you want to find out a size issue about a present you want to buy for your partner, but they’re sitting in the same room and you don’t want to give away the surprise.

It’s at moments like these when you’d give anything to see a ‘Live Chat’ window on the website. Live Chat allows a conversation to take place without the need to talk out loud. You simply send a message via the website and you get an immediate response. You can book in a meeting or survey appointment and get started on the road to a new loft conversion, you can find out if that hotel allows pet dogs or not. You can find out if that vase comes in a slightly smaller size, or if the sizes stated on the website are UK or US standard. Armed with the knowledge you need, you’re ready to make the purchase.

Live Chat is a great way to win business from clients ready to buy but unavailable to talk. More and more websites are tapping into it’s potential because:
1. Live chat is convenient and immediate for customers
2. Live chat cuts costs and telephone time for businesses
3. Live chat increases sales
4. Live chat gives companies an edge over competitors
5. Live chat increases customer trust in your company

Online statistics also show that businesses with live chat are more likely to profit from their website. (https://econsultancy.com/blog/10644-stats-do-consumers-appreciate-live-chat-on-websites/)

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