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More Staff At Xmas – UK Call Centres

Whilst many businesses will be shutting down for a festive break, many call centres will actually be taking on staff. As we discussed last week, there are many benefits in taking on a UK telephone call answering services for businesses that close their doors for a Christmas break. That means that many call centres take on additional staff to service the phones of small businesses and self-employed people that are enjoying a Christmas rest period.


The BBC television show The Call Centre had a special Christmas edition in 2013 showing the team at Swansea’s third largest call centre and CEO Nev Wilshere and his team bringing the party spirit into their place of work.


Whilst the television show is filmed to create drama and develop the characters of staff for television entertainment, the show gave a glamourized version of what an outbound call centre, complete with incentivised performance is like.


For an inbound call centre where dedicated call handlers are responsible for representing clients’ businesses, the culture, training and skill set is very different. Our task is to answer on behalf of your business, answer questions, take messages and send information through to you that helps you maintain excellent customer service levels.


We take the time to get to know our clients and the products and services they offer so that a dedicated call handler can answer questions about opening times and basic questions that might be asked without requiring a call back. Over time, our telephone call answering team become known to callers and are seen as part of your team by them.


This Christmas, give your business the gift of excellent telephone call handling and your clients the peace of mind that they can call you throughout the Christmas holiday season without talking to an automated answerphone.

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