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Outsource one service | Gain many more

Outsourcing one service to gain many more

Outsourcing is a process used by almost all successful businesses in the United Kingdom and it can help small businesses to grow and rival larger competitors. Outsourcing allows businesses to plug a skills gap or hand over specific business processes to allow resources to be focussed on other key tasks.

When you choose a company to outsource to, it’s important to ensure they can do the job you need them to do. It’s also important to see how they are preparing for changes and developments in that area of business so that you don’t find the process becoming inefficient or uncompetitive in the future. You should look at how they work now, their track record of innovation and improvements to their service and their plans for development of their services in the future.

Outsourcing aspects of customer contact, such as call answering and diary management is a fast growing part of business outsourcing. At Zebra Connections, there is a constant stream of innovation, where improvements to technology, understanding of client needs and development of new systems to help improve the client’s offering are an every day reality.

From simple call answering and diary management, our services have grown to include outbound calling, Internet sales support, live chat and 0800 phone number services. We’re also about to roll out a new text-to-speech reminder system in the New Year. This is a great service for businesses that manage a large number of appointments, reminding people of the time of their appointment and seeking a confirmation of their attendance. If you’re operating with small margins or at capacity, finding out when customers cannot attend gives you the ability to reschedule and bring in a replacement client – keeping turnover rolling in and minimising downtime.

Choosing an outsource partner that is big on innovation means that your company will benefit from the latest technologies and service developments, helping maintain strong customer service and an edge over the competition. A good outsourcing specialist will always have a good grasp on current needs and one eye on the future of their industry.

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