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Size is everything to your customers

The success of small business in the UK is a clear indication that size isn’t everything in business. Small businesses thrive, but one of the most important reasons for this is that small businesses look bigger and act bigger than they actually are.


Picking the right call answering service can add a sense of size, trust and legitimacy to a small business looking to compete with larger rivals. If you’re looking to project your business as a reliable organisation rather than trading off your own reputation, a telephone answering service can be the vital ingredient that your brand needs to take you from a self-employed consultant to a small business in the eyes of customers.


Marketing agency Grow believe that a telephone answering service helped them grow from a home business to a respected marketing agency. They state on their website that a personalised telephone call answering service “lends your business a bit of legitimacy and the illusion of size. Even in Grow’s infancy, when the business was run from an old laptop in our MD’s living room, we still had a telephone answering service because we knew that we needed to have good brand perception. Because with many services you can provide your virtual receptionist with custom scripts, you can maintain any brand voice and personality that you may have already created online or elsewhere”.


For customers to hear another voice when they answer the phone gives the impression of extra staff, and when you have a dedicated call handler, customers that call more than once quickly start to build personal relationships with them as well as you. This provides a feeling of security in numbers as well as ensuring that calls are answered every time and the customer does not find themselves talking to a recorded answerphone message.


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