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Talking to customers – is there an app for that?

There seems to be an app for almost anything in the age of advanced smart phones. But when a customer calls your business, there is no app to meet their needs. Quite simply, if a call is made to your company, the caller wants an immediate answer via a conversation with a human being and nothing else will meet their expectations.


That’s why it’s so important to make sure that every call made to your business is answered quickly, politely, on-brand and that their questions are answered. If you can’t do that, make sure someone else can.


If you struggle to answer calls when you’re with clients, travelling between meetings or working on projects, a telephone answering service may be the best way to overcome this problem.


Allowing a customer to reach a recorded answerphone is never a good idea. It suggests that you’re not there for them when they need or want to contact you, it allows them time to approach a competitor. It damages their perception of your company, meaning less chances of word of mouth recommendations and damaging brand loyalty.


It is suggested that holding onto a customer is between four and seven times less expensive than winning a new customer, but a telephone answering service can help you do both.


When someone calls you, be it a customer or potential new client, make sure they speak to someone that represents your company, can answer questions and pass on detailed notes. If they want to book an appointment, make that happen at the earliest opportunity and don’t allow them to book elsewhere.


Zebra Connections provide a dedicated call handler with our telephone answering service and we can book in appointments through a diary management service. This means that your customer can start building a relationship with your business from the first call, we can forward notes from the call to give you the best chance to impress them and win their business.


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