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Telephone Answering – Religious Holy Days

Use a telephone answering service to cover religious holidays


Every Autumn, no sooner than schools go back and parents’ working life goes back to normal, a stream of religious holidays come into play. Religious holidays such as Eid, Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur mean that many Muslim and Jewish small business owners have a tough choice to make. They have to decide whether to work instead of participate in traditional ceremonies and religious services, or lose out on business by closing for the holidays.


Muslim and Jewish holiday dates change every year, making it hard for businesses to plan diaries and maintain workflow. The reason that these religious holidays fall on different days every year is because the two mainstream religions run on different calendars. Many diaries do not contain all major religious holidays and it may come as a surprise to bosses or clients when someone is not at work.


A telephone answering and diary management service can ensure that for small business owners who are observant Jews or Muslims, religious observance can create minimal disruption to a UK small business. They can divert calls from their mobile phones to our call answering service, meaning they do not need to worry about missing calls or letting down clients.


Our diary management service will also work to ensure you are reminded about the dates of religious holidays and we will not book appointments on those days. It’s just part and parcel of living in a diverse, multicultural society and we are able to ensure your business doesn’t become a reason to miss out on celebrations and holy days.


Whilst you’re away from work, you can be sure your calls will be answered in person and full messages will be sent to you to ensure that you’re ready to get back to callers as soon as you return to work.


We would like to wish our customers Lashana Tova and Happy Eid.

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