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“Time and Diary Management”– Thinking outside the box.

The phrase “Time Management” is as essential to our lives, as boring and bookish it sounds. Time management is synonymous to diary management. And with improperly managed time, we don’t simply pay the cost with our state of mind or our daily-goals but also with our health and relationships.

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If you’re leading a sluggish lifestyle, then you ought to make time for exercise by cutting into your television hours. If you are not able to spend quality time with your family (Unlike the time invested as an exhausted mannequin, that is merely a physical presence), then you require to prevent bringing the office at house.
Time management is a simple thing that most of us fail at, only since we fail to encourage ourselves. The only thing that we require to do is not stand in our own way and “stick-to-the-plan” (for our own sake!
Perhaps, a major mental block that impedes us from incorporating “Time Management” in our lives; is the really formal and tedious conceptualization of the term! The term instantly reminds us of timetables, clocks, alarms, restrictions, and so on and ultimately becomes a concern even as we think of it! What needs to be clarified here; is that one need not produce a formal fuss over adopting ‘Time Management’ by needing to mark calendars or fill out planners.
It is as easy as Amit actually following the mental map he created the night previously, instead of enabling his id to latch onto the snooze button! And prior to he understands it, after a few days of this forced motivation; his body clock will itself adapt appropriately.
We invest all our lives thinking of things we could not do throughout the day, prior to we falling asleep … Possibly we might spend a week according to strategy, and think about all the important things we might get done, prior to we slip into a well-deserved slumber. Laziness has the power making a labyrinth out of the shortest straight-line range to success. Do not let it.

Adapted from an article in MeriNews

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