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Why call centres are better than receptionists

Four businesses that are reallocating their budget in order to bring in a receptionist, outsourcing calls to a specialist call handling company can save thousands of pounds. Due to a massive leap forwards in telecommunication technology, call handling companies can often provide all the support your business needs, including directing calls, diary management, client relationship building and message taking. What’s more, if you’re a growing business that needs to hire office space in order to provide a working area for your receptionist, a call handling operator can save you money by delaying your office overheads as well as additional staff costs.

Many small businesses in the UK start out in people’s home, in a converted bedroom or garage that becomes the business hub in the early days. A great example of this is Lord Alan Sugar and his Amstrad company. A call handling service can help small businesses put off additional overheads such as office space and associated utility bills and salary budgets, helping small businesses to remain more profitable and save for future investment.

A reputable loyal all handling enter will be able to assign a dedicated call handler to your business. This means that they will get to know you and your company’s services, regular customer and suppliers and build up rapport with them. Because your call handler is employed by the all management company, you pay a single monthly service fee rather than a receptionist salary, employee insurance, national insurance and additional staffing costs for holiday cover.

Outsourcing call handling is just one way that start-up businesses can continue to grow to the next level by making effective use of modern technology and outsourcing services to maximise profitability and achieve future success.

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