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We’re used to getting a lot of questions – it’s your business and livelihood at stake after all.


Here’s just some of the most frequently asked ones. But if you don’t see the one you want answered please either email alan@chrish447.sg-host.com or call us 0800 046 7193

How does it work?

You divert your calls through to us and we’ll answer your calls in your company name and send you a message.

How do you know the call is for my company?

We allocate you a unique number for you to divert your calls through to, programme it into our system so it pops up on our screens with your company name.

Can you just take some of my calls as and when required?

Yes, you can use us an overflow service to take calls when you’re busy or you don’t have enough staff available.

Can you take more than one call simultaneously?

This is not an issue. We can answer multiple calls at the same time for your company using our state of the art phone system.

How can I check what calls you’ve taken for me?

Once a call is taken, we’ll log it onto our system and send a message straightaway by your chosen delivery method, usually email or SMS. Unless it’s an unsolicited sales call…

Can you filter out unwanted sales calls?

Yes, we’re adept at spotting these and we won’t put messages through from somebody trying to sell you something. Consequently, you won’t be charged for them.

How long is the contract?

It’s easy-in, easy-out with just one month’s notice period and a minimum three month’s contract unless we agree a shorter period for short-term cover. No onerous year long contracts.

Do you offer a more attractive rate for higher call volumes?

Yes, we have a number of different tariffs to suit those clients with busy lines.

Can I have just one PA (we call them Zebs!) to answer my calls?

Sure, but she’ll need a back up team for when she’s either taking another call for you, or away from her desk, or on holiday.

What happens outside office hours?

Unless you want 24/7 cover then we’re open from 08:15 to 18:00 Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. Outside these hours calls will go to a dedicated voicemail box recorded in your company name. Any messages left will then be transcribed and forwarded to you the next working day.

Will all my calls be answered in the UK?

During office hours, yes, but during the pandemic we triggered a contingency plan for some out of hours calls to be answered by our partners in New Zealand. Being on the other side of the world this offers the advantage of their PA’s being bright and breezy during the UK night.

Do you use a queuing system?

No, unlike some of our competitors or large corporations, you’ll never hear a message saying “due to large call volumes” or “all of our agents are busy”. Your callers will get straight through to one of our friendly and cheerful Zebs.

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, just divert it through to the number here that we’ll give you. If you need help with this then we’ll be pleased to try and help – even if you’ve got a complicated phone system.

Can you supply me with a new number?

Sure, we can supply numbers with practically any UK or International area code.

What accent will my PA have?

Our Zebs have mostly neutral “Home Counties” accents, although we do sometimes recruit staff with “regional” accents, but everyone is a native speaker of English.

Do you offer 24/7 cover?

Talk to us if you require this. We offer round-the-clock cover if you need it, for everything from site security to lift entrapment.

What Live Chat software do you use?

We can use whatever you use! We just need enough logins for at least two Zebs to login at the same time.

What online diaries do you use?

We’re already using Calendly, ClinicOffice, Timely, PPSExpress but if you use something else we’re confident we can work with that too.

Do you charge by the minute or by the message?

We’ll discuss with you as to what works best. Generally speaking, we charge by the minute but with per second billing.

Will you take more than just a message? My calls are complicated.

Yes, we’ll take calls and action them as if we’re working in your office. We can’t make the coffee though!

Do you use scripts?

We avoid following scripts as they sound wooden and inflexible. Callers expect a friendly, natural response and a helpful approach. If you have a script then it might be best to view it as an aide-memoire instead of a tablet of stone.

How do I pay you?

Initial payment is by credit card and further payments are by Direct Debit.

How do I get my messages?

We’ll send them to you by email, SMS or both if required. We’ll also send out an end of day summary at 18:00 every working day.

How do I divert my calls through to you?

It’s very straightforward, if you’re with BT then read https://www.bt.com/help/landline/calling-features-and-security/all-about-call-diversion . If you need help then let us know.

Can you patch or transfer some or all calls through in order of priority?

Yes, we can provide a call escalation service where important calls are transferred to you, possibly calling several members of your team in turn until we get through to someone. Just like a switchboard.

If your question is not answered then please contact us and a member of the team would be happy to help office@chrish447.sg-host.com or call us on 0800 046 7193.

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