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Not by using just a bot, but through a blend of AI and human interaction.

Live Chat Increases Sales.

1. By reassuring your web visitors that you’re a bona fide business with a genuine commitment to looking after your customers. Many websites are simply e-commerce sites, which although professionally designed, do not show any contact information such as a phone number or email address.

2. Displaying live chat will demonstrate that there are real people behind the business

who want to help their customers, and it’s not just an automated site.

3. Simply offering web visitors the chance to chat increases their confidence in your business and will lead to more sales. Live chat is protected by SSL and is therefore a far more secure method of communication than email.

4. Interacting with visitors to your website offers a greater chance to close the sale.

5. Live chat gives you the opportunity to take the initiative and invite visitors to chat if they land on specific pages or are moving around the site trying to find what they’re looking for.

6. It’s a means of a capturing all the information you need to keep in touch with your customer.

7. 85 per cent using chat are made to wait. We pick it up straightaway.

8. If you’ve got web chat but don’t staff it properly then 67 per cent will leave your site

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Zebra Conenctions

Here's how it works

Call us on 0800 046 7193 or email alan@chrish447.sg-host.com to discuss your requirements.
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We don't just use chat bots, they don't take too long to respond and provide answers of doubtful quality.

Brief Us on Your Responses

Let us know what your site visitors want to know. We'll take basic details first and endeavour to deal with every enquiry with a view to giving you another happy customer.

Going Live

We'll work with you to help create a chat box that handles enquiries promptly, politely and professionally, and if appropriate, helping to make sales.

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Live Chat Enhances Customer Experience


1. It increases the opportunity for personal interaction with visitors to your website. These visitors have all just walked into your shop or office and live chat is a chance for you to talk to them.

2. It’s another way for those interested in your services or products to contact you.

3. Live chat provides a method for website visitors to have any queries or questions answered straightaway.

4. Even if your website is on the other side of the world, live chat is a convenient, free and immediate way for a potential customer to ask a question.

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What our clients say

Running a small business places huge demands on your valuable time, but you always need to be available to your clients or new potential clients.
Having a totally professional organisation that can handle inbound calls (they can also do outbound I believe) can be a huge benefit as you know that your incoming calls are going to be dealt with courteously and efficiently. Zebra connections answer your calls as if they are in your office, with your own script to ensure uniformity and the precision that you are looking. You are almost instantly updated with the details of the caller both with a text message and email to help manage your calls.
Zebra connections have been invaluable to my company for the 15 years they have supported me, ever since I missed that first call, and I have not missed one since.

Eric Chorley
GuardHome Limited
Dedicated To Your Security and Safety.

- Eric Chorley

I have just come from visiting a very old loyal client of mine who has asked me to convey her compliments to Linda who took her phone call this week on my behalf. My client commented on how helpful, professional she was and what a warm telephone manner she had.

- Audrey Doyle

We have used the services of Alan and his team at Zebra Connections for many years, as well as working together on projects to benefit both companies. Being personable, supportive and extremely professional Alan and his colleagues are highly recommended.

- Dave Morgan

Zebra have been there to support IDT from day one – we simply would not have grown from a one-man-band to a £3m+ company without their professionalism and reliability. Thanks!

- Ben Hollingsworth

I have had a few people recently comment on how nice and professional our receptionist is. One who recently visited us was expecting to walk into a big bustling office, which is exactly the impression I want to give, so please pass on my thanks to the girls for the great work.

- Gary O’Donnell

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