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Reducing your missed call rate is without doubt the quickest and most effective way to both improve your customer service and increase your profits.

If your telephone enquiries bring in X amount of profit each month and you miss 25% of your calls, then if you reduce your missed call rate then your sales and profits are bound to go up. Everyday more of our customers realise this and see their profits and customer satisfaction rise. Call us on 0800 046 7193 today to help your business grow.

Are you missing out on new business opportunities?

Even in this new digital age, the first point of contact is often by phone.
Does the phone ring at inconvenient time, either when you’re driving or interrupting you or your team when you’re in the middle of something?

It can take anything from between 5 and 25 minutes for workers to get back to where they were before they were interrupted.

There is also the obvious possibility of more mistakes being made as a result of being distracted. If you’re running a small business phone answering is clearly more critical than in larger organisations.

But phone calls also represent new business.

New customers often choose the phone to make an enquiry. They’ve made a decision to pick up the phone and are ready to buy. It might have cost you £50 or more in marketing spend just to make that phone ring. If that phone call is not answered professionally or is just simply missed then that’s a loss to your business that you’re never likely to get back. Most callers won’t leave a voicemail these days, and voicemail anxiety is definitely “a thing”.  They’ll probably never ring again and your competitor will get the business.

Telephone Answering to catch the sales enquiries, and your Virtual Assistant to book appointments.

Zebra Connections provides a Telephone Answering Service for small and medium-sized businesses in London, Essex, Herts and beyond. We also offer a Virtual PA service to take care of administrative tasks that range from dealing with enquiries that come in via email to booking appointments. All for a fraction of the cost of employing
staff in your office and without the need to manage them.

You either can use us to take all your calls,
as an overflow service when your phone is engaged or you just can’t get to it in time.

There’s nothing complicated about setting up the service. Once you’ve started you’ll probably wonder how you did without us. Many of our customers have been using the Zebra Connections telephone answering service for years. We often find we’re asked to do a lot more than phone answering and we’re happy to help.

Customers prefer to deal with a real person

Answerphones have one advantage – they’re cheap. But callers like to speak to somebody straightaway and often won’t leave a message at all. If a caller does leave a message they might become frustrated about when they’re going to get a call back. Whilst they’re waiting for a call back they might try somebody
else. They may have rung your mobile and having missed their call you can’t call them back because they’ve withheld their number, although they’re a perfectly legitimate caller. Many elderly people and large organisations call from withheld numbers.
They might have been your next customer.

Don’t lose business to your competitors

At Zebra Connections, we don’t just answer calls; we become an integral part of your business, helping you to portray the most professional image to your callers.

Allocating a named PA to answer all calls for your business, our team get to know your clients just as they would if they were employed to take calls from your office.


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Just one testimonial from a long-standing client:

“Utilising the professional services of Zebra Connections has helped both in the sustainability and expansion of our business. Their friendly efficient service gives our customers complete confidence that they are dealing with us direct. We live or die by our customer service levels, and our ability to respond accurately and quickly to enquiries and Zebra Connections certainly does not fail to deliver in these aspects.

Delivering campaigns that are fully staffed up is no longer a problem. Calls are not missed, and all urgent contacts are forwarded directly. Zebra Connections have always shown willingness to go and adapt with our business, nothing is out of the question for discussion.

But above all their friendly efficient service has delivered on service price, and has enabled us to both expand and ride successfully through the crunch.”

Janine Carhart

Zebra Conenctions

Here's how it works

We make it easy for you, while you still keep in control. Just divert or forward (they mean the same) your calls to us. Whether you have an existing landline or use a mobile to answer your calls, diverting or forwarding your calls through to Zebra Connections is simple and straightforward. If you have a BT line then the instructions in full are at https://www.bt.com/help/landline/calling-features-and-security/all-about-call-diversion but the basics are: To divert your calls, follow these instructions on the telephone line you want to divert from: To divert all calls dial: *21*(phone number you want to divert to)# To divert any calls you don't manage to answer within 15 seconds dial: *61*(phone number you want to divert to)# To divert calls when your phone is engaged dial: *67*(phone number you want to divert to)# An announcement will tell you that you've set it up successfully. Other providers, such as Virgin have different instructions. Using an Android mobile phone then open the green "Phone" app, tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the screen, select "Settings", then "Supplementary services", then "Call forwarding", choose the relevant option and enter the number we'll provide for you. If you have an Apple iPhone then tap Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding. Tap the white slider to turn it green. Tap Forward to and enter the unique number we'll provide you with. We'll then answer your calls as if we're based in your office!
Tell us what you need us to do

We'll take as long as it requires to gather all the information we need to provide the professional service you're looking for. Depending on complexity, this might take 30 minutes or a working week. If your account requires it, then we'll liaise with you to produce the necessary documents to help us understand your requirements. This might require a set up fee.

Divert your calls

Once we've gathered information on how you'd like your account handled then we'll proceed with setting it up. We'll programme in a unique number for you to divert your calls to, and then configure other digital channels if required. We'll liaise with you every step of the way.

Let us take care of your calls

Once we're all set up, we'll test everything this end and send you a confirmation email saying we're ready for you to divert your calls to us. But this isn't the end of process, as we'll adapt and change any aspect of the service if you need us to. Complex accounts typically require a bedding-in period.

Services we offer


With costs from just £40 a month plus VAT, your own Zebra Connections PA can answer calls in your company name, become familiar with your products, services and
customers, manage your diary and relay messages to you via email, text message or fax, passing urgent queries straight through to your phone.

You can be sure that we always have staff in place to answer ALL your calls – not just some of them. You needn’t worry about us not answering your calls because you don’t enough credit on your account. Your very next call could be your most important customer. We don’t want you to miss it!

Our telephone answering service is as personal as your business. We can even allocate you with a local telephone number, giving your company local presence but with the hidden advantage of having it ring anywhere you want it to!

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24/7 provision available

Over 20 years experience

Capture every lead

Know your callers

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What our clients say

Running a small business places huge demands on your valuable time, but you always need to be available to your clients or new potential clients.
Having a totally professional organisation that can handle inbound calls (they can also do outbound I believe) can be a huge benefit as you know that your incoming calls are going to be dealt with courteously and efficiently. Zebra connections answer your calls as if they are in your office, with your own script to ensure uniformity and the precision that you are looking. You are almost instantly updated with the details of the caller both with a text message and email to help manage your calls.
Zebra connections have been invaluable to my company for the 15 years they have supported me, ever since I missed that first call, and I have not missed one since.

Eric Chorley
GuardHome Limited
Dedicated To Your Security and Safety.

- Eric Chorley

I have just come from visiting a very old loyal client of mine who has asked me to convey her compliments to Linda who took her phone call this week on my behalf. My client commented on how helpful, professional she was and what a warm telephone manner she had.

- Audrey Doyle

We have used the services of Alan and his team at Zebra Connections for many years, as well as working together on projects to benefit both companies. Being personable, supportive and extremely professional Alan and his colleagues are highly recommended.

- Dave Morgan

Zebra have been there to support IDT from day one – we simply would not have grown from a one-man-band to a £3m+ company without their professionalism and reliability. Thanks!

- Ben Hollingsworth

I have had a few people recently comment on how nice and professional our receptionist is. One who recently visited us was expecting to walk into a big bustling office, which is exactly the impression I want to give, so please pass on my thanks to the girls for the great work.

- Gary O’Donnell

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