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Increase your billing and reduce time spent on the road and on site using remote visual support

Here’s just a couple of sectors that can benefit:

Plumbing and Heating

How much time and money are you spending driving around visiting customers only to find the fix is a relatively simple one? Or you only needed to see what the problem was first before ordering the parts and coming another day?

With the price of fuel going up and up and congestion getting worse and worse, think of how much time and money you could save by carrying out a simple diagnosis remotely?

IT Support

Currently, you’re probably remoting in to see what’s causing an issue ON a machine, but can you see what’s happening with the hardware? Cables might not be connected properly, power buttons might be off, the wrong adapters might be fitted, in fact a whole host of issues that you couldn’t normally see unless you made a site visit, until now.

Save time and money and improve customer satisfaction by solving the problem quickly without leaving your office.



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